Surrey Recruitment agency – PR, Marketing & Digital

Surrey Recruitment agency – PR, Marketing & Digital


10 reasons to use The Clever Consultancy for your recruitment

1. Recruitment is very time consuming

Outsourcing recruitment allows you to focus on your core business.  You can also spend more time on developing and retaining your existing staff.  Most people underestimate the time it takes to find the right candidate for a role, sometimes it can take up to six months or longer.  You need to work out how much your time is worth vs. recruitment agency fees.


2. Larger talent pool

We have access to a large pool of candidates who may not know about your company or have not considered working for you. We have also built up relationships with passive job seekers who may be a better fit with your organisation than those who happen to see your advert one day.


3. Social Media

We can use a variety of different methods to find your perfect employee and we tailor our approach to your needs.  We are well established members of Linkedin, have a large following on Twitter and Facebook and have an extensive candidate database.


4. Advertise in more places, for less money

We have advertising deals agreed with a variety of job boards, newspapers and specialist websites.  We have negotiated good rates which we can use on your behalf.


5. Experienced consultants

We have a great deal of experience interviewing and screening candidates.  We can act as the first stage of your interview process and provide you with pre-screened and appropriate candidates.  As specialist recruiters, we can better determine suitability and fit to your company, as we interact with these types of candidates every day.


6. No time-wasters

When our candidates come to meet you for interview, they will be fully briefed, fully prepared and, most of all, enthusiastic about the role you are offering!


7. No candidate, no fee

We don’t charge any money until we’ve successfully filled a position and even then we offer a 10 week refund structure and replacement service (in the unlikely event) that your candidate should not work out.


8. Confidentiality

We can help you to maintain confidentiality so that you don’t give away your competitive edge.  By undertaking your own recruiting, you offer your competitors an insight into your company’s direction and success.  You can keep all this information fully confidential by using us.


9. HR / Recruitment Support & Advice

We can also offer support and advice on salaries, contracts, HR issues, market trends and availability.  We want to get to know your business and give advice if you need it.  We can also assist when negotiating salaries, benefits, bonuses etc and most people find it less stressful talking through job offers via a middle-man.


10. Don’t believe us?  Ask our clients!

Recruitment is our job and we have a lot of experience in it!  We also have a number of existing clients who will back up our claims and happily provide you with a testimonial on our services if required.  Testimonials –


The Clever Consultancy is a recruitment agency in Godalming, Surrey specialising in PR, Marketing and Digital jobs. Give us a call on 01483 516460 or email