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Surrey Recruitment agency – PR, Marketing & Digital


How to find a Graduate job in PR or Marketing

We work with a lot of Graduates at this time of year, placing them in Marketing, PR & Digital roles in this area.

A lot of them don’t really know what the options are and just ‘like the sound’ of a particular role. I find that some of them don’t really take the time to understand the roles they’re applying to and why they might be suitable or unsuitable.

There’s so much doom and gloom in the media about the lack of opportunities for Graduates, that a lot of them use a scatter-gun approach when it comes to job applications.

Unfortunately this means that they don’t come across well in any of their applications, as they haven’t tailored their CVs or cover letters to any of the roles. Their CV also gets over-exposed and becomes less interesting to potential employers as a result.

We find that the Graduates that we successfully place in to jobs are the ones with a clearer idea of what they’re looking for.  They have researched, talked things through with us, friends, teachers, family members etc and created strong applications as a result.

I do find as well that a number of Graduates are more focused on what companies can offer them – salaries, bonuses, benefits, holiday days etc, rather than what they have to offer a company.

They need to learn to see themselves as a commodity, i.e. What will their employer’s ROI be? How can they contribute to their employer’s success? Will they be a strong long-term investment?

Graduates also need to be taught the importance of Social Media in their job search. I would expect a Graduate coming to us to have an up-to-date and professional Linkedin page and a good understanding of Twitter and Facebook as business tools.

Unfortunately we see far too many open profiles, bad grammar, offensive language, inappropriate photographs etc when we’re researching candidates. We are constantly advising our candidates to have a personal Social Media audit.

It’s tough to find Graduate work, but with the right advice, anything is possible!

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